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About Aerie

Based in Missoula, Montana, Aerie provides wilderness and rural medical training and first aid supplies to over 2,000 students a year throughout the United States, Mexico, Central America, Africa and India.   Led by our staff and guided by our Board of Advisors, we teach courses for MDs, RNs, PAs, and EMTs as well as outdoor enthusiasts with no prior medical training.  We design all Aerie courses with the understanding that individuals learn best when they are engaged in challenging, realistic scenarios led by professional educators who are leaders in the medical and rescue fields.  With this philosophy, we train our students for difficult conditions and long-term patient care, where resources are limited and access to outside care is minimal.

Service:  It is a privilege to care for the sick or injured.  Preparing people for this service is Aerie’s mission. 

Humility:  Our ability to treat injuries and control environments is limited.  Recognizing, respecting and working within the limitations of any situation allows the care provider to be an asset rather than a liability to those in need.

Competence:  Good intentions and restraint are of limited value in unskilled hands. To be of true service, the care provider must have the ability to execute under duress, to adapt to harsh environments, and to perform when outcomes matter.  These skills are best acquired through realistic scenarios and interactive discussions led by outdoor leaders and medical professionals.


National Leaders 

Service is the core of Aerie's mission, and it is no coincidence that many of our training partners are conservation service corps and land-management agencies.  Aerie is the primary provider of wilderness medicine training for the Student Conservation Association, the nation’s largest conservation corps.  We provide ongoing training to many other youth conservation corps, including:

  • Northwest Youth Corps
  • Washington Conservation Corps
  • Montana Conservation Corps 
  • Minnesota Conservation Corps  

We provide training at many Universities, including:

  • University of Montana
  • Montana State University
  • Carroll College
  • Eastern Washington University
  • United World College

In addition, Aerie provides regular training to:

  • US Forest Service and BLM Smokejumpers 
  • Hotshot and other wildlands firefighting crews
  • Members of the US military
  • Search and Rescue teams
  • State and federal land agencies
  • Youth-at-risk programs
  • Private individuals.


While we operate at an international level at some of the most beautiful locations in the world, we define ourselves by our service to individual students and the local communities where we teach.  Our unique combination of national prominence and relatively small size allow us to remain abreast of the latest industry trends while never overlooking our individual students. Aerie instructors translate their experiences as paramedics, RNs, EMTs, mountain guides, firefighters and ski patrollers into practical, invaluable instruction in wilderness and urban medicine. We emphasize prevention, treatment before a condition worsens, and accurate assessment skills so you can tell the difference between a field-treatable injury and one that requires immediate evacuation. Aerie courses also help students to deal effectively with the special demands of improvising care, providing longer-term treatment, and the psychology of treating patients in remote locations

From our first aid kits to wilderness medicine courses to our division of rural and urban medical classes, Aerie is committed to offering only quality services and products. With this quality, we support our students, staff and the communities where we teach. Aerie instructors are as comfortable teaching in the Mojave Desert as in an air-conditioned classroom. You can enroll in one of our public courses, or we will travel to any location to train your staff. Please continue visiting our site for more information or contact our office.




It is important for you to know that no program can, or should, guarantee the safety of its participants.  Aerie believes that students learn best when they are involved in realistic, engaging scenarios and practical sessions. As a result we simulate these environments and head out to experience them during our classes as often as possible, and the risks we face during those exercises are similar to any faced in an austere, remote environment.  No course is capable of operating without the risk of injury or illness.  We encourage you to talk with our staff about risks inherent in our training programs before enrolling.  Depending on course location, injuries and illnesses that occur may require prolonged evacuations and may necessitate repatriation to the United States. Our students take our classes because they travel, work and live outdoors, away from immediate medical care; they want to learn to care for patients under less than ideal conditions.  


We also recognize that many of the hazards associated with a particular course involve transportation to and from the class itself.  Students are responsible for providing their own transportation.   While we encourage car-pooling and other sharing of expenses and resources, we also strongly encourage students to use extreme caution when traveling.

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You can download and mail in our registration form, call our office (406.542.9972), email us, or visit our office at 100 North Ave. West, Missoula, Montana, 59801. (Find us on Google Maps).

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