Wilderness Medicine Essentials (WME):

  • Duration:Two years
  • Recertification Requirements:
    • There is no WME recertification course.

Wilderness First Aid (WFA):

  • Duration:Two years
  • Recertification Requirements:
    • There is no WFA recertification course.

Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA):

  • Duration:Two years
  • Recertification Requirements:
    • WFR refresher or standard Wilderness First Aid course will recertify WAFA.
    • Current Heartsaver CPR or equivalent

Wilderness First Responder (WFR):

  • Duration:Two years
  • Recertification Requirements:
  • Grace Period: At the conclusion of two years, WFRs will have a one-year grace period, during which time their certification is inactive until the completion of a recertification course. Beyond three years, WFRs will need to retake the entire course to regain WFR certification. Aerie alumni receive discounts on their Aerie WFR recertification courses.
  • Other:We recommend WFRs retake an entire WFR course every six years.

Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician (WEMT):

  • Duration:Two years for Aerie WEMT, MT and National Registry EMT
  • Recertification requirements:
    • 8 hours of WEMT refresher as part of the 48 EMT CEU
    • Current HealthCare Provider CPR or equivalent
    • 24 hour refresher course
    • 48 hours continuing Education
      • Continuing education opportunities with Aerie
    • State and national recertification requirements can be difficult to complete at the last minute
  • Other:Although we hope WEMTs can maintain their certifications, if they decide they do not want to complete the recertification requirements, they can earn Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certification by taking a WFR recertification course (16 hours) rather than their EMT recertification classes. This needs to be done before their WEMT expires.It is an option that will allow them to maintain significant wilderness medicine certifications without having to complete the additional hours necessary to maintain a WEMT.