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Update on COVID-19 and the Spring Semester 2021

October 25, 2020

Aerie Backcountry Medicine is closely monitoring developments of COVID-19 and have the following updates regarding the Spring Semester in Wilderness Medicine.

Aerie is planning on holding the Spring Semester in both Costa Rica and Montana. Our partner organization in Costa Rica, Rancho Mastatal, provides a unique opportunity to teach class outdoors and stay away from large population centers while traveling abroad. Upon returning to Montana, students will also be studying away from large population centers and working outdoors as much as is possible.

Aerie has a reserve schedule and plan to run the Spring Semester entirely domestically, in Western Montana, if travel to Costa Rica is deemed unsafe for students and staff in the spring of 2021. While we realize that this would significantly change the experience of the program, it may be the safest way to run the program. Students will still be able to earn all the professional certifications and all 15 University of Montana credits advertised for the Spring Semester program.

Aerie will be tracking travel guidelines from the CDC and working with our Medical Director to manage risk to our students and staff.

Please check back here for program updates and information.

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