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Not only do we regularly teach at some of the most beautiful locations in the world, but we offer our classes with organizations that reflect our commitment to local communities and sustainable development.  These are listed below the Safety overview.



No course is completely safe or capable of operating without the risk of injury or illness. We encourage you to talk with our staff about risks inherent in our training programs before enrolling.  With that in mind, the safety of our students and staff is our first priority.  We make every attempt to provide the safest environment possible to teach our classes. We also recognize that activities, held both in but particularly outside of the classroom, contain inherent risks. By planning and monitoring these activities we try to minimize these risks. However, our students take our classes because they travel, work and live outdoors, away from immediate medical care. Our students want to learn to care for patients under less than ideal conditions, and Aerie believes that students learn best when they are involved in realistic, engaging scenarios and practical sessions. As a result we simulate these environments and head out to experience them during our classes as often as possible.   

Aerie has an outstanding safety record. We have trained care providers teaching our classes that follow pre-approved safety and emergency response guidelines. However, we cannot guarantee the absolute safety of our classes and fully encourage our students to investigate the risks and hazards of all Aerie activities. 

We also recognize that many of the hazards associated with a particular course involve transportation to and from the class itself.  Students are responsible for providing their own transportation.   While we encourage car-pooling and other sharing of expenses and resources, we also strongly encourage students to use extreme caution when traveling.

Costa Rica

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Altoona Ridge Lodge

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Montana State University

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Indian Himalaya

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Glacier National Park

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The University of Montana

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