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Course Locations - Costa Rica

Rancho Mastatal, Costa Rica


At Rancho Mastatal, students live on a small organic farm dedicated to sustainable living practices and education.  You can view a slideshow of ranch life here.  The ranch is located alongside the newly created La Cangrega National Park and is home to a huge diversity of plants and wildlife species.  The small, 100+ person community of Mastatal itself is vibrant, supporting farmers and merchants.  Students will share three wonderful, home-cooked, mostly-vegetarian meals each day, have class in a open-air classroom and practice skills and participate in scenarios in the rainforest along the streams that run through the community and park.  Students arriving early or staying later can participate in other amazing educational opportunities, including world-class solar energy workshops and classes in natural building.


Shared housing, camping and homestays in the community all available. 


Three vegetarian meals each day.  Amazing quality.

What to Bring

Visit the Rancho Mastatal website for details.  Students should be prepared to for a wide range of weather in all seasons and should bring appropriate clothing for being outdoors throughout the day. In addition, students should bring one set of clothing that they do not mind getting dirty and stained during scenarios. 

Getting There

Travel from the airport to Mastatal can be done by public bus or a private shuttle can be arranged by the ranch. 


  • Please contact the Aerie office or Tim at the Ranch for more details. 
  • Travelers from the US will need passport and will want to visit their healthcare professional for immunization advice. 
  • We strongly encourage you to contact the office for other students’ contact information so that you can share travel itineraries and expenses. You can do this through the Aerie office or on your own by signing in to the Aerie Backcountry Medicine Facebook page and contacting other students from your class.

Additional International Travel Information:

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