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After 24 years and over 20,000 graduates, Aerie is unique in the wilderness medicine training world: small enough to focus on individual students and large enough to be at the forefront of wilderness medicine worldwide, offering introductory courses through full Semesters in Wilderness Medicine.

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“As usual, you fully captured our attention with your combination of outstanding presentation skills and extensive knowledge of wilderness medicine.”

— Dr. Sara Newman, Captain, Director of Public Health, National Park Service

Advanced Training for US Military

Aerie is selected by the USAF PJs to provide wilderness medicine and paramedic/ ACLS/ PHTLS/ PALS refreshers. This course is available to other US military medics.

Industry-Leading Wilderness Medicine Courses
Industry-Leading Wilderness Medicine Courses

Industry-Leading Wilderness Medicine Courses

Wilderness First Aid through Wilderness EMT

Outside of our custom Semesters and Medic refreshers, Aerie offers a full range of outstanding wilderness medicine training, from 16-hour Wilderness First Aid (WFA), through 200+-hour Wilderness EMT (WEMT)

Semesters in Wilderness Medicine
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Semesters in Wilderness Medicine

Spring, Summer or Fall

Aerie's Semesters are the most comprehensive education in the wilderness medicine field. Our three Semesters (Spring, in Costa Rica and Montana; Summer, in Montana; and Fall in Montana and the Indian Himalaya) offer 15 upper division credits, Wilderness EMT, Wildland Fire Red Card and a combination of other professional-level certifications, preparing students for careers in medical and rescue fields.