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We strongly recommend that you explore options to protect your financial investment in an Aerie Semester. Travel insurance, also known as trip insurance, can compensate you for expenses associated with travel cancellations or delays. If you decide to purchase this type of insurance, some companies offer “cancel for any reason” (CFAR) policies. In most cases, you will need to purchase trip insurance within a limited number of days after putting a deposit down on your Semester.

Travel insurance policies may also offer emergency medical or evacuation insurance. However, we encourage you to consult with your existing health insurance provider to learn about available, “in-network” health insurance coverage during an Aerie Semester.

Tuition protection programs can help cover the cost of your tuition if you withdraw for one of the reasons agreed upon in the policy - usually medical or mental health issues. However, these types of policies don’t typically pay for voluntary withdrawals, expulsion, or failing grades.

Several companies offering trip insurance and tuition protection are listed below. The travel agent listed below is familiar with outdoor programs and can assist in choosing trip insurance and tuition protection plans. HOWEVER, Aerie doesn’t explicitly endorse any of these; we are merely providing you with several options as a baseline from which to begin your own research. Aerie Backcountry Medicine is not affiliated with any insurance agency, nor with the travel agent listed, and does not receive any commission for you purchasing trip insurance or tuition protection for our programs. We can, however, provide supporting documentation if you need to provide a formal statement to your insurance company about early departure or cancellation.

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