Aerie Backcountry Medicine

**Aerie Backcountry Medicine is accepting applications for the 2024 teaching season.  We continually accept applications and plan an interview process in the Fall of 2023.  **

Instructor Positions:

Aerie Backcountry Medicine has two types of instructor positions. Both positions start new Aerie instructors as 'assistant instructors', regardless of previous experience in the medical or education fields. The minimum level of medical experience & license for our applicants need to be EMT, RN, or higher. The speed at which an instructor moves to a possible future lead instructor position will be at the discretion of the Aerie Backcountry Medicine management team, as well as dependent on the individual instructor's previous experience and working knowledge of Aerie. Of particular interest to Aerie will be to have instructors based out of the Missoula, Bozeman, or Montana areas.

1) Seasonal Full-time Assistant Instructor

We are seeking individuals who have considerable time available to invest into working for Aerie Backcountry Medicine. Organizations and individuals who are in need of our training most often require this training in the spring or early summer of each year. As such, we hire instructors for seasonal full-time work from March to mid-June. Different length contracts will be available. Instructor availability outside those above mentioned dates is encouraged but not required.

2) Assistant Instructor

Aerie is seeking instructors who will be able to fulfill contract based work during any/all seasons year-round. While most work tends to be clustered around the March to June time-frames, we also seek employees who can teach sporadically during the summer, fall and early winter. Teaching contract lengths will be variable based on the types of courses taught.

Instructor Application

Please submit a cover letter, and a resume with at least two references. In your cover letter, briefly explain your qualifications, why you want to work for Aerie Backcountry Medicine, and which instructor position interests you (see above). All documents must be submitted at the same time via email with your name saved in the file title. Applications will be reviewed and qualified applicants will be contacted to set up an interview.

Submit to:

Hiring / Training Manager

The Hiring Process

  1. Submit an Instructor Application information (detailed above).
  2. Complete a phone or in-person interview.
  3. If accepted, complete Aerie’s Apprentice program under the guidance of a mentor.
  4. Upon successful completion of the Apprentice Program, if accepted, begin instructing as an assistant instructor.

Aerie typically completes the hiring process every fall. However, we accept applications year-round. We'll email you and let you know we've received your information.

Once we receive your application we will ideally set up in an interview in Missoula. Depending on your current location this can be done via a phone call.

Each instructor's pathway to teaching courses with Aerie will be unique. It is designed to accommodate each person's skill-set and background. The hiring staff will be able to answer specific, targeted questions on this customized pathway.